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           - **iii.** Active members using a space heater will be subject to an additional $20 per month charge each month of use.           - **iii.** Active members using a space heater will be subject to an additional $20 per month charge each month of use.
           - **iv.** This charge is based on whether or not there exists a space heating unit within an active member’s personal living space, not if they claim to be using it or not.           - **iv.** This charge is based on whether or not there exists a space heating unit within an active member’s personal living space, not if they claim to be using it or not.
 +  - **E.** Voting in New Members
 +      - **1.** Voting in new members requires the consensus of all house members, whether or not they are present at the meeting during which the initial vote takes place. Consensus is defined here as the absence of a “no” vote.
 +      - **2.** A single “no” vote of any member may block the prospective member.
 +      - **3.** A revote of ¾ of the house in favor of allowing the prospective member to move in, and not simply quorum, may overturn the “no” vote.
 +      - **4.** Votes on prospective members may not be made while they are present in the house.
 +  - **F.** Parking Seniority
 +      - **1.** Parking seniority in the Bower parking lot (and other spaces guaranteed to the house by the SHC) will be determined by two factors: whether a member has a vehicle upon their move-in (or renewed contract start) date, and their signing date. Members who will have a specific vehicle by the time of said move-in/renewed contract start dates will have the priority to access parking for the remainder of their contract, but if there are more members with vehicles, then access will be based on the earliest signing date.
 +          - **i.** Exception: If a member has physical limitations or needs to have a vehicle in the lot for their personal health and/or safety, then such members will have top seniority for a parking spot in the Bower parking lot.
 +          - **ii.** Exception: If a member has possession of a vehicle that is not with them physically or has a proof of a definitive plan to own a specific vehicle within three months of their contract start date, they can request to have a parking spot held in the lot up until the end of the third month. If by then they do not have said vehicle they will revoke their parking spot. During the period that this spot is empty, members next in line of seniority may use this spot until the original member has their vehicle.
 +           - **iii.** If there are any extenuating circumstances, additional accommodations can be made.
 +      - **2.** Guests may use the Bower parking lot to park their vehicle if at the time there are more parking spots than members with vehicles. Otherwise, guests must find a different spot to park their vehicle(s).
 +      - **3.** Assigned parking spots (a specific physical area for a specific person’s vehicle) are determined by current members, yet members do not need to assign spots if they decide this as a house.
 ====Article VIII: Specific Powers of the Membership==== ====Article VIII: Specific Powers of the Membership====
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       - **iii.** Shall update the house members at the house meetings on all GUFF related issues.       - **iii.** Shall update the house members at the house meetings on all GUFF related issues.
 +====Article XI: House Events====
 +  - **A.** Work Weekend
 +    - **1.** The purpose of Work Weekend will be to clean Bower House and to complete projects that add value to Bower House.
 +    - **2.** Will be held by the sixth weekend of the semester.
 +    - **3.** The Maintenance Officer and Work Manager will be in charge of organizing, facilitating, and supervising Work Weekend.
 +    - **4.** The following items must occur prior to Work Weekend:
 +      - **i.** List of jobs will be completed and receive approval during a Regular House Meeting by a vote.
 +      - **ii.** House members will choose the jobs they will complete from the approved list with facilitation from the
 +      - **iii.** Maintenance Officer and Work Manager.
 +      - **iv.** Times and dates for the work to be completed will be established and approved during a Regular House Meeting by a vote.
 +      - **v.** House members unable to attend Work Weekend must notify the Maintenance Officer and negotiate a project to make up for that house member’s absence.
 +      - **vi.** The Maintenance Officer will acquire all tools, supplies, and permits necessary to complete work weekend.
 +    - **5.** This event is mandatory for all house members.
 +  - **B.** Tour de Chambre
 +    - **1.** The purpose of Tour de Chambre will be to introduce new house members to other house members and to bring awareness to where each house member resides.
 +    - **2.** This event will occur each semester with times and dates selected during the first house meeting of each semester.
 +    - **3.** This event will be planned and organized by the House Scholar.
 +    - **4.** Active members, former house members, and significant others of members are allowed to attend this event.
 +    - **5.** This event is not mandatory. 
 +  - **C.** House Parties
 +    - **1.** The purpose of a house party is to allow for the social outlet of the active members.
 +    - **2.** This event will require the following:
 +      - **i.** A sober active member to facilitate the party.
 +      - **ii.** House money will not be used for any party or damages/fines that result from the party.
 +      - **iii.** A written plan that addresses all concerns the active membership must be brought up at the Regular House Meeting prior to the date of the party.
 +      - **iv.** A vote of consensus of the active membership is required for any party to occur.
 +    - **3.** All members that approve/attend the party will be responsible for the damages/fines, as well as cleanup, that result from the party.
 +====Article XII: Amendments====
 +  - **A.** This constitution may be amended by the following procedure:
 +    - **1.** A committee or house member writes the amendment.
 +    - **2.** The house approves the amendment by minimum vote requirements/restrictions described in Section B of Article XII during a Regular House Meeting.
 +    - **3.** The House Scholar adds it to the constitution at the SHC office.
 +  - **B.** Vote Requirements/Restrictions
 +    - **1.** Article XII: Amendments cannot be amended.
 +    - **2.** Article VII: Standing House Rules requires an 80% vote of the active membership.
 +    - **3.** All other articles require ⅔ of those present at the Regular House Meeting.
 +  - **A.** It is hereby decided that all grandparents, before visiting Bower, must be made aware of the steep staircases and bike racks. 
 +  - **B.** The following bulk food items must be kept at all times:
 +    - **1.** Black beans
 +    - **2.** Lentils
 +    - **3.** Oats
 +    - **4.** Onions
 +    - **5.** Potatoes
 +    - **6.** Rice
 +    - **7.** Sugar
 +    - **8.** Flour
 +    - **9.** Spices
 +  - **C.** The heat will be kept at 66º Fahrenheit during the winter months.
 +  - **D.** Quiet hours will henceforth be:
 +    - **1.** Sunday-Thursday, 12:00 AM to 9:00 AM
 +    - **2.** Friday and Saturday 2:00 AM to 9:00 AM
 +  - **E.** Quiet hours for playing instruments:
 +    - **1.** 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM, everyday
 +  - **F.** 
 +    - **1.** All active members must have 2 work hours of jobs. The following jobs will be offered as house job:
 +    - **2.** All jobs written into our constitution must be filled before any other jobs can be taken.
 +^Job                    ^ Description       ^ Work Hours   
 +^ Maintenance           | See Article IX                                                       | 2            | 
 +^ Guardian of the Vault | See Article IX                                                       | 2            |
 +^ Keeper of the Keys    | See Article IX                                                       | 2            |
 +^ House Scholar         | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Physical Development  | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ House Scribe          | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Steward               | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Shopper (2)           | Purchases the house goods per request of the Steward                 | 1            |
 +^ Work Manager          | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Groundskeeper (2)     | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Guff Manager          | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Dumpster Diver        | Gets food stuffs from dumpster for guff                              | 1            |
 +^ Cook (10)             | Cooks with another cook once a week                                  | 1            |
 +^ Board Representative  | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Room Cleaner          | Cleans a designated room once a week                                 | 1            |
 +^ Office Labor (3)      | See Article IX                                                       | 1            |
 +^ Recycling (2)         | Manages the recyclables                                              | 1            |
 +^ Rag Cleaner           | Washes all dirty rags once a week                                    | 1            |
 +^ Odd Jobber            | Has 2 chores assigned at every house meeting for the next 2 weeks    | 1            |
 +^ Baker                 | Bakes homemade bread once a week for a dinner                        | 1            |
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