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Bower House Constitution


We the members of Bower House Cooperative, in order to form a sustainable and just cooperative recognize that it is necessary:

  1. A.To promote a clear awareness to the membership of their responsibilities and obligations towards the house and surrounding ecosystems; furthermore
  2. B.To ensure that said responsibilities and obligations are discharged in a manner efficient, practical, and harmonious; also
  3. C.To maintain Bower House financially and physically in the soundest possible condition; moreover
  4. D.To protect the individuals, living in the house, of minority opinion from harsh and unjust rules;

Hereby create this constitution to govern over the Bower House Cooperative:

Article I: Definitions

  1. A. ‘Constitution’ shall refer to this document in its entirety.
  2. B. ‘Bower House Cooperative,’ ‘Bower House,’ ‘Bower,’ and ‘house’ shall be defined as the building located on the property: 127 Whitehills Drive, East Lansing, Michigan 48823.
  3. C. ‘Student Housing Cooperative,’ and ‘SHC’ shall refer to the body that owns the Bower House Cooperative.
  4. D. A ‘member’ is any person who has ever held a valid contract with Bower House Cooperative.
  5. E. An ‘active member,’ or ‘house member’ is any member currently living in Bower House privy to the following conditions:
    1. 1. Has a valid contract with SHC.
    2. 2. Is currently in good financial standing with SHC.
  6. F. A ‘guest’ is anyone staying at Bower House for any length of time without having signed a contract.
  7. G. ‘Active membership,’ or ‘membership’ is the total number of individuals who are active members, or the entire group of active members.
  8. H. A ‘house meeting’ shall be defined as a congregation of house members assembled to transact business pertaining to the internal operation of Bower House subject to the rules and regulations set forth by this constitution.
  9. I. The ‘constitutional addendum,’ or ‘addendum’ will be where passed rules and regulations will be placed. The addendum is not apart of the constitution, but a supplement to it.
  10. J. ‘Meat’ will be defined as an animal byproduct that is typically derived from the death of that animal.
  11. K. The term ‘personal living space’ is defined as the individual room that an active member lives in.
  12. L. A ‘common room’ shall be defined as any room that is not an active member’s personal living space.
  13. M. An ‘Ecosystem’ is a synthesis of all flora, fauna, and biological processes that interact with and are affected by membership of Bower house.
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